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 Master of Technology

Computer science engineering is one of the most widely used branches of Engineering. It has wide applications all over, almost in every sector. M.Tech in Computer science engineering consists of detailed study of the wide application of computer science. Under the M.Tech level, the course deals with more detailed study of all those aspects which were left or were just introduced in the B.Tech level. M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering deals with a complete study about the software as well as hardware of the computer. It permits a student to specialize in areas such as theoretical Computer Science, algorithms, combinatorics, programming languages, databases, data mining, machine intelligence, networks, hypertext information retrieval, architecture, parallel computing, distributed computing, graphics and object oriented systems.

A post-graduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering is a must if you aspire to set yourself apart from the anonymous mass of "computer professionals" and to assume a leading role in transforming the industry, be it through research, advanced development, teaching, or entrepreneurship.

The objective of this discipline is to train the manpower required:

(a) to meet the industry needs of the country, 
(b) to pursue research in specialized areas, and 
(c) to meet the growing needs of engineering colleges for trained faculty in Computer Science and Engineering.

The programme includes courses covering the core of Computer Science and Engineering discipline and several electives in areas of Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Theoretical Computer Science, Networks and Distributed Systems and Hardware Systems.outlook: 
The course of M.Tech in Computer Science is of 2 years. These 2 years are divided in 4 semesters, each of 6 months. During the IV semester students will do projects related to Computer Engineering field. The emphasis is on conducting original research and writing a thesis (individually) that reports these results. After every semester an examination is conducted so that the students get to know their strengths and weakness and work on their weak points to have an overall development.

The major thrust area of research in the Department is focused around computer applications and major areas covered are:

*  Software Testing techniques in Object Oriented Programming software development approach. 
* Designing and analyzing algorithms for scientific and engineering applications.
* Parallelization of computational algorithms and issues related to distributed processing. 
*   Deadlock resolution techniques to control con- currency in database. 
*   Financial forecasting and other decision support tools based on Artificial Neural Network Approach. 
*   Developing cost-effective campus wide networking solutions. 
*   Graphical User Interfaces 

Job Prospects

Speaking of jobs, the prospects of computer professionals are simply huge and are not limited to any certain sector. There are various private as well as government sector jobs available in the market.
With the world going digital, the need for professionals in this field is growing by leaps and bounds. IT professionals perform duties which include data management, networking, engineering computer hardware, as well as designing database and software. In today’s date, they have even ventured into administering entire systems and networks. They cover every aspect of computing and technology.