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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The demand for people who are skilled in the computing field remains strong. The reason is that computing is now essential in all areas of society. Contrary to popular misconception, off shoring of lower-level IT jobs are a secondary factor in job growth for the computing profession. Computer hardware and software vendors hire B.Tech graduates in areas such as hardware and software product development, quality assurance, customer support, sales and marketing, documentation and training. But even more often, organizations that these products (such as hospitals, banks, insurance companies and manufacturing firms) hire B.Tech graduates as software engineers building system foundations as well as end-user applications, systems analysts, database administrators, and network administrators, as well as for other types of positions.


It is the intent of the University that B. Tech in Information Technology graduate:

  • Will have thorough knowledge in the key principles and practices of computing and will have applied their software development skills and knowledge of foundational principles to the design and implementation of practical systems consisting of software and/or hardware components to meet customer requirements.
  • Will have an understanding of additional engineering principles and the mathematical and scientific concepts that underlie them, and will have applied this understanding, as appropriate, in analyzing real-world problems and designing suitable solutions.
  • Will have an understanding of human and social issues, and will be in the process of becoming informed and involved members of their communities, and responsible engineering and computing professionals.
  • Will have appropriate interaction and organizational skills, and will be routinely using and further developing these skills in their professional careers.
  • Will be successfully employed in the computing profession, and will be actively engaged in learning, understanding, and applying new ideas and technologies as the field evolves; or will have successfully completed, or be actively pursuing, graduate studies in computing.